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I first of all call myself an observer and from that springs my artistic creativity. I make art because it is something I have to do each day (like having 2 cups of coffee in the morning). I keep making art, going forward, learning, pushing myself to get better each day; the perfect arrangement of forms and ideas in each piece - making the ordinary extraordinary. I value manual input in my art from personal observation and historic sources. I have a diversity of sources. I try to achieve a coherence of my techniques with my new ideas; making one piece and others follow. There is a joy in creating something beautiful using my insight and indispensable observation. When a piece is finished I want to laugh, cheer, gasp, clap and wonder.

Some additional information: I've had 35 one-person exhibitions, 18 two-person exhibitions, many and various awards and prizes and my work is in over 350 private and public collections.

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  • Note: If you like what you see, I have a lot more in my gallery to offer. Please contact me.